What is Eyelash Tinting?

If you’ve never heard of the process of tinting your eyelashes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear how easy it is and how much convenience it adds to your life. Lash tinting Jacksonville beach fl professionals can have your eyes looking fierce with professional dye to make lashes look bold.

Their Function

Tinting your eyelashes requires temporarily dyeing them. By dyeing your lashes, you can skip applying mascara and instead have lashes that look freshly done up right when you wake up. The temporary dye used is vegetable-based to minimize the chance of irritation occurring in or around the eye.

The Process

Getting lashes tinted takes anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. Your makeup artist will use special stickers to keep dye from coming in contact with your eyes. Then, dye will be carefully applied to both top and bottom lashes. After five minutes, the dye is washed away and lashes will be darkened.

The Benefits

Lash tinting has a number of benefits for the many women that go through the procedure. Blond lashes can become more dramatic and bring more attention to your eyes. You can also forget about applying mascara and worrying about smudging it or washing it off – dyed lashes allow you to wake up looking like you just applied a fresh coat of mascara. You can be as active as you usually are, even going for a swim without your eyelashes suffering.

Lash tinting Jacksonville beach fl

If you’re ready to explore a more dramatic look for your eyes, consider tinting your lashes and making a statement. If you’re tired of applying mascara and watching it wash off when you exercise or take a shower, lash tinting can make your days easier and more convenient. Saving an extra step in your routine gives you more time to focus on other things, such as making sure the wing on your first eye matches the one on the other eye.